KIIT Krusader


KIIT Krusader is the official app for the KIIT University students and their parents.

A Little More About Us

KIIT Krusader is a KIIT Deemed-to-be-University’s endeavour to wage a ‘crusade’ for bringing about digital transformation, inclusion & automation in its communication with its key stakeholders- students & parents. Crusader inspired from the spaceship - in the fictional story series ’Starwars’ - launched to, crusade against the vast darkness (ignorance) of the space and to shed light (knowledge) on the new discoveries of planets & stars in the universe.

This is the vision of Prof. Achyutananda Samanta, Founder of KIIT & KISS Group of Institutions, which mandates us to continually move towards the modernisation and digitalisation. KIIT Krusader’s primary objective is to drive adoption of this digital intervention among students & their parents to bring relevant information with speed & accuracy.

Awesome Features

Students of KIIT and their parents will have separate accounts. They can download this app absolutely free from Google Playstore & can obtain their login credentials from their college administration.This app is the official source of information from the administration. In its current inaugural version, it provides access to modules like E-Identity Card, Circulars, Notification, Gallery & Profile.
KIIT Krusader app is a tool to digitally empower the key stakeholders especially the student community of the KIIT Deemed-to-be-University. Significantly, it also empowers the parents to keep up with the activities & progress in the student campus through a parallel app account for the parents.

E-ID Card

It allows Generation & Display of the fleeting of E-ID card required to access to important places within the KIIT university.

Instant Communication

Circulars, Notifications etc can be communicated on real time basis through mobile app and web interface, emails and text.

Dual Accounts

A seperate account for parent and student for accessing relevant information.

Event Gallery

Students and parents can also view the pictures and album for the events & engagements taking place in the university.

Coming Soon

Fee Payment, Result analysis etc are coming soon.

You can access these awesome features through,
App & Web Login

Parents and students can access Web, Android and IOS versions by clicking the links below.




Key Modules

Currently services for the following modules have been envisaged. More services will be added in the due course of time.

KIIT Krusader
KIIT Krusader

E-ID Card

Generation & Display of the fleeting of E-ID card required to access to important places within the KIIT university.
KIIT Krusader


Receive real-time audio notifications or written alerts sent by the University in the Notification tab.
KIIT Krusader


Circular Module empower students & prents to access the circular published by the university instantly.
KIIT Krusader


Students and Parents can see realtime attendance for each lecture for the day as marked in offical records.
KIIT Krusader

Incident Report

Indiscipline & Extra ordinary activities can be reported to the parents instantly.
KIIT Krusader

Result Analisys

Coming Soon.
KIIT Krusader


Coming Soon.
KIIT Krusader

Upcoming Modules

Many more service features coming soon.

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